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Simply Gone
Simply Gone - Patio Cleaner
Simply Gone - Driveway Cleaner
Simply Gone - Patio Cleaner
Simply Gone cleans moss and algae from hard surfaces
Driveway Cleaner
Patio Cleaner
Driveway Cleaner - before and after

Simply Gone - Supplier of Algae, Moss and Fungi Killer

Why use 'Simply Gone' Algae, Moss & Fungi Killer

Simply Gone is a highly effective moss and algae cleaner. It specialises as a patio cleaner, driveway cleaner and at removing and preventing moss, bacteria, lichen, algae, fungi, viruses and mould on all hard external surfaces including patios and driveways, prolonging, protecting and cleaning new and old surfaces, helping to reduce safety hazards and even brightening & cleaning as it goes. It is a very effective patio cleaner and driveway cleaner to help keep them looking almost like new.

Typical uses for Simply Gone include:

  • As a treatment to clean and kill moss on patios, driveways, block paving & forecourts.
  • To kill and prevent mould growth on sports courts.
  • To kill lichen, moss & algae on patios, brick & stone walls.
  • As a cleaner to remove algae & mould that build up and cause slippery surfaces on wood.

Simply dilute, apply & 'let the weather do the work'

* if diluting at 1:20