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When & Where To Use

When to use Simply Gone

Simply Gone can also be used as a decking cleaner or roof cleaner any time that it is needed as long as the below is noted before application. Using it on decking can bring a new lease of life to old decking, perfect for restoring on a budget.

It can be applied all year round to treat problem areas but for the best results:

  • The surface should be dry before treating
  • Do not spray if rain is expected within 24hrs of application (The longer Simply Gone dries on the surface - the better the results)
  • Do not spray if the temperature is below 8ºc
  • Do not spray during a heat wave (To avoid rapid evaporation, ideally spray early morning or late afternoon)

Where to Use Simply Gone

Simply gone can be used for many applications including using it as a  block paving cleaner. Below is a list of what Simply Gone can be used on.

  • Artificial sports surfaces - tennis courts, football & hockey pitches
  • Boats - deck, ropes, fibreglass etc (not to be used on the hull due to immediate contact with the water). NB As recommended in the Haynes 'Sailing Boat Manual'
  • Caravans - all external surfaces
  • Children's play areas - play frames, ropes, wet pour, garden furniture etc
  • Glass - greenhouses, conservatories, windows & ledges etc
  • Masonry - brick, stone, granite, limestone, concrete, tile, rendering, painted rendering etc
  • Metals - play frames, garden furniture, greenhouse frames, conservatory frames, etc
  • Monuments and gravestones - stone, granite, marble etc
  • Road & paving - tarmac, asphalt, wet pour, block paving, concrete, gravel, York stone etc
  • Roofing materials - slate, tile, shale, (flat roofs)
  • Synthetic construction Materials - PVC conservatories, polycarbonate surfaces, greenhouse frames, ropes etc
  • Thatch - roofs, breeze huts, roundavels etc
  • Timber - decking, fences, garden furniture, play frames, walkways and bridges etc



These will depend on many contributing factors: correct dilution and application, type of surface, extent of growth and the variety of algae, fungi, mould, lichen, plus weather conditions and likelihood of precipitation.

As a rough guide:

Algae, fungi & moulds

Results should be seen within 2 - 4 days after application.

NB In some cases, once the algae is killed, it turns black - this may take up to several months for the natural elements to remove.

Dense Build Up

Results should be seen within 5 -21 days after application.

NB Some mosses are very compact & difficult to penetrate the stem structure, therefore consider brushing off any heavy growth before treatment.

Once the plants are dead the 'weather' will gradually erode them away and the surface should start to clean and brighten for the next 4 months. If you want a more instant clean eg Build up on tennis courts, you can brush the surface 14-21 days after application once the plants are dead and roots have lost their adhesion.

NB Lichen is a very tough plant structure and once sprayed can take up to a year for the weather to remove naturally.

The Preventative Programme

At least once a year spray your required 'clean' area with a 1:20 dilution of Simply Gone. This will kill any spores on the surface and will prevent new growth from three to 12 months depending on weather and wind conditions.

NB when you see an infestation of algae, moss or fungi appearing spray immediately to prevent it from deteriorating the surface or spreading to other areas.

Simply Gone has no abrasive properties so will not damage any surface being treated. So it is even ideal for external 'delicate' surfaces - unlike power washing which can easily cause damage.