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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if i spray Simply Gone on my plants or grass? It is not ideal especially on delicate plants so avoid spraying; on hardier plants and grass there may be some scorching. If you are concerned, or feel you have over- sprayed, spray the plants as soon as possible with plenty of water to dilute Simply Gone further.

How long will my surface remain clean from algae & fungi? Generally we find it is from six to 12 months depending on the following conditions mentioned; the area in which you live, the climate, wind conditions and animal activity as to when you may get new introduction of spores.

Can i use Simply Gone in a power sprayer? No, it is best to use a low pressure sprayer, eg knapsack sprayer. Professionals can also use a watering can and rose, but this can be less cost effective. High pressure sprayers can damage surfaces and easily spread spores. 

When can i walk on or touch the surface once sprayed? Once the surface treated is dry it is safe to walk, play on etc.

Is Simply Gone safe for children? Yes, as soon as the treated surface is dry, Simply Gone is safe for children to play on. As with all cleaning products; keep Simply Gone out of reach of children, and keep the container tightly closed. 

Is Simply Gone safe for animals, birds & pets? Keep animals, birds and pets off treated surfaces until dry. Do not let birds drink the solution.

My dog/cat walked across the treated surface, what do i do? Just wash or sponge a pet's paws to remove or dilute Simply Gone as much as possible.

It is safe for fish? No, do not allow Simply Gone to run into ponds or waterways; it is harmful to fish and aquatic life.

There is a lot of run off from treating my roof - is this a problem? No, simply saturate the ground (and plants if necessary) with water to dilute the run off further.

Can i use Simply Gone to remove algae from pond water? No, it is harmful to fish.

Can i use Simply Gone in my water feature (no aquatic wildlife)? Yes, Simply Gone is ideal for keeping your water feature and pumps free from algae.

Can i use Simply Gone to treat my swimming pool water? No, however, you can use Simply Gone on your swimming pool surround to remove algae & kill spores, applying it with a brush so as to ensure it does not seep into the pool.

What is the shelf life of simply gone? The undiluted product has a shelf life of 3 years, but it will last for considerably longer. Once diluted however, Simply Gone has a maximum shelf life of six months.

Why has my wall gone white? This is due to the remains of the algae once it has died. The elements will gradually remove this, but if you want a quicker result - after approx 21 days brush the surface. NB algae can get ingrained in porous surfaces which can be treated by Simply Gone but it can be difficult to remove all dead residues. 

Can i use Simply Gone on my marble? Yes, Simply Gone will not harm marble surfaces. Simply Gone will kill any algae & mould on the surface although the elements will not remove any dirt/algae that has become ingrained in the marble veins.