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Application Equipment & Usage Guidelines

Application Equipment

when using simply gone - always read the label and follow safety precautions

For professional users

Who is a professional user?

  • watering canWatering can and fine rose (reduces surface-area coverage)
  • sprayerSprayer (low pressure) NB When applying, foaming of the solution on the surface is normal and will disappear
  • paint brushPaint brush (e.g. where over spray needs to be avoided, near delicate plants etc)

For non-professional users

(Domestic user)

  • sprayerSprayer (low pressure garden sprayer) BUY YOUR SPRAYER HERE
  • paint brushPaint brush (e.g. where over-spray needs to be avoided, like the edges of surfaces near ponds, water courses, delicate plants etc)

NB Under current Health & Safety Executive legislation, non-professionals are not allowed to apply Simply Gone using a watering can.

How to apply Simply Gone

  • Always read the label and follow safety precautions
  • Select equipment to use (low pressure sprayer, watering can, paint brush)
  • Shake the Simply Gone container well before opening
  • Add Simply Gone to water in container to avoid excessive foaming
  • Stir or mix the solution well before applying
  • Ensure thorough saturation to affected area (foaming of the solution on the surface is normal and will disperse)
  • For killing dense build up, it is vital to ensure thorough saturation of the plant to achieve the best result. Some mosses are very compact & it can be difficult to penetrate the stem structure, therefore consider
  • brushing off any heavy growth before treatment.
  • Secondary application is always recommended to treat stubborn plants as well as dormant spores thus helping to delay re-growth.

Application Rates

  • Dilute 1 part of Simply Gone with 10-20 parts of water depending upon extent and type of growth (see guidelines below).
  • Apply 1 litre of diluted product per 5 square meters of surface area.  HOW MUCH DO I NEED?

Guidelines to treating:

  • lichen - dilute 1 part to 10 parts water, saturate thoroughly.
  • Algae, wood fungi & moulds - dilute 1 part to 20 parts water.
  • As a preventative - dilute 1 part to 15-20 parts water. (ideal for 'clean' or new surfaces)