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3 Ways Simply Gone Can Help Your Customers Block Paving


When it comes to garden and exterior property maintenance, all customers want a service that is effective and efficient. The last thing they want is spend a fortune on your services, only to see ineffective and poor results.

Simply Gone could be just the product to enhance your business as well as enhance the quality of services that you offer. Whether you’re a property maintenance professional, a facilities manager or gardening and landscaping expert, Simply Gone’s powerful and effective results simply cannot be argued.


Block Paving is a beautiful and unique addition to any property, which is why the presence of moss, algae and fungi can seriously affect the aesthetics and appearance of any garden or pathway. If left untreated over long periods of time, your block paving can become weathered and treacherous for users. But don’t worry, help is at hand.


#1 – Simply Spray


Apply Simply Gone to your customer’s bloc paving by spraying the affected area – and that is that. The solution works in tune with the weather as Simply Gone clears, removes and cleans the area. Make sure rain is not on the forecast and as the month’s progress, you will see cleaner, brighter and more vibrant block paving.


#2 – Minimal Maintenance


The beauty of Simply Gone is that you only need to spray your customers block paving 2-3 times a year. Simply Gone does all the hard work for you, leaving you free to take all the praise from yet another satisfied customer.


#3 – Revitalise & Refresh


Your customers will be amazed at how effective Simply Gone is. Old and weathered block paving can look fresh, hygienic and spotless again. Whilst the summer may be coming to a close, Simply Gone can keep your block paving looking good all year around.


For more information on how Simply Gone can help your business, as well as any questions about its use, be sure to give our team a call today on 01767 699258.