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As the leading name in algae, moss and fungi removal and prevention, Simply Gone has helped gardens up and down the country in creating safer, more attractive landscapes for all that have used it.

Easy-to-use and unprecedented results, we maintain close and strong relationships with all our customer and we appreciate every success story we receive. We are proud to be held at such a high regard across a number of industries, as well as on a domestic front.


Mrs East - Achieving Natural Results

One such satisfied customer was Mrs East, who was looking for an effective patio cleaner. Useable on both new and old external surfaces, Mrs East was very impressed with the results and the value for money that Simply Gone produced and cannot speak more highly of it.


After purchasing a 1ltr bottle of Simply Gone in October 2012, she then sprayed this on a test area of her patio. She was able to leave this over the winter before really seeing the results in the early spring of this year and couldn’t have been more thrilled.


Its gradual cleaning properties were superior to the previous work she had undertaken, paying £400 to power wash her large patio and pathways, totting up a total of 16 hours labour plus a £50 water bill and removing the grout from her patio.


Affordable, Effective & Efficient

Using Simply Gone now, it is a simple case of diluting and spraying her patios & paths with a 5 ltr bottle, spraying 2-3 times a year. Cleaning her octagon conservatory now takes 20 mins as appose to 4 hours and 2 sprays a year is all that’s needed to keep it looking great.


A cost-effective, quick cleaning agent, Mrs East’s professional handyman continues to promote Simply Gone due to its ‘green and friendly’ approach to patio, fence and conservatory cleaning.


For more information on Simply Gone and its benefits, or to order your supply today get in touch with us on 01767 699 258 or contact us online.