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Attack Algae & Moss Before It Becomes A Patio Problem


It may come as no surprise that around this time of the year, many people look to enhancing the look and function of their garden. Patios are one of the most popular ways to enjoy the summer months, creating an area to socialise, entertain and relax.


As a landscaping contractor, you will understand the trouble that algae, moss and fungi can cause to a brand new patio, so why not attack the problem before it has begun, thanks to Simply Gone. A proven remover of algae, moss and fungi as well as gradual cleaning agent, Simply Gone is a product that will enrich your business and the satisfaction of your customers.


Proven Patio Cleaner

Your customers may spend thousands of pounds on a brand new natural stone patio, which is why it is important to provide a service that will keep their patio looking as good as new. Overtime, algae and moss spores will begin to grow due to climatic exposure creating an unsightly, unhygienic and unsafe patio.


Simply Gone provides a two-in-one solution. Firstly, it kills the spores of algae and moss, eradicating the chance of return growth. Algae can be killed in 2-3 days with Moss taking up to 7 days. Next, Simply Gone will work to gradually clean the desired area, keeping it clean and clear for your customers to enjoy.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Applications of 2-3 times a year are all that is needed and provides an effective and reliable solution as oppose to other products on the market, such as sealant. Sealant works by creating a ‘protective’ covering on top of your patio, but doesn’t stop the build-up of dirt, grime as well as algae and moss.


Being a more effective, longer-lasting and cheaper option, Simply Gone is the only way to enhance your landscaping and property maintenance services. We also stock a range of sprayers and accessories!


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