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The Effects Of Winter On Your Home


We all want a perfect looking garden; a delicate water feature, freshly mowed lawns, flowery beds and pristine surfaces. It’s no secret that gardening is hard work and requires a lot of patience, commitment and know-how but whilst there are no short cuts to picking up that spade and trowel, there is an easy and effective way of preventing the build-up of algae, mould and bacteria on your external surfaces.


With the use of Simply Gone, slippery and mouldy exteriors can be a thing of the past with our easy-to-use solution. If you are looking for a patio, drive-way, bloc paving or decking cleaner you can trust than look no further. As simple as diluting and applying, you will begin to see the gradual effects of the solution at work.


Winter Treatment


It is around this time of year that untreated algae, moss and mould can cause long-lasting damage. It would appear then that as well as aesthetic advantages, the use of Simply Gone also has residing health benefits as it prevents bacteria and reduces the risk of injury.


The frosty temperatures and chilly winds can cause the algae to freeze. If it is situated on your decking for example, the frozen algae begins to expand causing cracks to form in the surface as well as forming a slippery surface which could lead to serious injuries. Not only that, but Simply Gone also contains wood preservation properties protecting your decking from wood-rotting fungi and external timbers.


Safe and Reliable


Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use, Simply Gone has bio-degradable and non-bio-accumulative properties making it a safe for animals, pets and children. Its stainless qualities mean that there is no trace that the product was used, apart from a sparkling and algae free area.


Simply Gone is an extremely effective product and with regular use, you can achieve astonishing results. For more information on how and when to use Simply Gone, as well as list of FAQs check out our website, or if you have any enquiries about our product contact us on 01767 699258.