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How To Protect Your Decking With Simply Gone


The spring months offer the perfect opportunity to ensure that the garden is ready for the summer. This is exactly what many of your customers may be thinking should you work as a facilities manager or landscaping contractor, so ensure you are ready to serve your customers decking with the help of Simply Gone.

Simply Gone is a proven and trusted algae, fungi and moss killer than not only kills at the spores, but upon regular use 2-3 times a year, will ensure the gradual cleaning and protection of your customers decking. Whether you are laying down brand new decking for your customers, or maintaining current decking, Simply Gone offers the ultimate two-in-one solution.


Wooden Decking


Simply Gone offers a multitude of protective enhancements and works very effectively when applied to standard wooden decking. Once applied, Simply Gone will kill algae, moss and fungi that can be found in areas that are moist or have been exposed to dampness.


Additionally, the wood preserving properties of Simply Gone are naturally absorbed by wooden decking, protecting you decking against wood rotting fungi.  Applying it 2-3 times a year, your customers decking will continue to be kept clean and algae & moss free, allowing the wood to weather naturally but know it is being protected.


Composite Decking


Modern composite decking, such as Ecodek, offers a durable, low maintenance and enduring alternative to conventional wooden decking. Its wood polymer composite can be maintained by Simply Gone, preventing the risk of slipping due to the presence of green algae and unsightly mould spots.


Again, applied 2-3 times a year Simply Gone will work to eradicate the threat of algae over a gradual period and eliminate any safety risks. This will help to preserve your customers composite decking as well as ensuring return work throughout the year.


Simply Gone really can enhance your business and the services you offer. For more information on our bottles, sprayers as well as when and where to apply Simply Gone, be sure to give our team a call on 01767 699 258.