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Simply Gone: Keeping Your Road Signs Clean and Visible

Simply Gone is the perfect solution for cleaning your algae-covered road signs and maintaining their cleanliness and visibility. Perfect for city and county councils, qualified contractors for a local town as well as numerous companies whose main responsibility is to maintain road quality.

We could talk about its wide usage potential, but our latest article focusses specifically on how our products can help provide a simpler, more cost-effective solution for road sign cleaning and maintenance.

How Can Simply Gone Help Road Signs?

Simply Gone can effectively remove moss, algae and fungi from various surfaces in order to keep them clean and hygienic. Road signs can very quickly become covered in grime due to unavoidable circumstances, such as weather conditioning and air pollution, and it is particularly important for road signs to remain unspoiled and visible as they contain vital information which keeps drivers and pedestrians safe. Spraying the road sign with Simply Gone is a quick and easy way to remove this dirt and ensure that visibility remains intact.

How Much Work Is Involved With Simply Gone?

Using Simply Gone does not require your company to have deep pockets or require excessive and strenuous effort for workers. Used 2-3 times a year on a regularly basis, it can eliminate existing unhygienic growths that have formed on a road sign as well as prevent further damage to the sign. As long as the application process is completed correctly, the work involved is minimal.

Using a sprayer to distribute Simply Gone is extremely easy and doesn’t require any rinsing or wiping. However, for areas where excess dispersal must be avoided using a paintbrush is an equally effective solution. Whichever method is chosen, Simply Gone rectifies the need to carry large amounts of water or a power washer.

Furthermore, it does not require an absurd amount of repeated use or excess labour as the solution dries extremely quickly and the weather is allowed to do the rest of the work. The little amount of manual labour required also means that Simply Gone is a cost effective process.

Who Can Use Simply Gone?

Unitary, district and county councils, as well as local town and parish councils, are all able to purchase Simply Gone and use a professional contractor to apply our uniquely developed formula to road signs. Furthermore, public service providers who are responsible for maintaining the quality of public roads, can use Simply Gone for a straight-forward and cost effective process of eradicating the build-up of grime on road signs.

What Else Can I Use Simply Gone For?

Simply Gone can be used for more than just road signs; it can be used on a variety of surfaces for a range of purposes. From park benches and children’s play equipment to masonry and roofing materials, Simply Gone can kill bacteria and eradicate dirt as well as prevent it returning. For more information on when and where you can use Simply Gone, simply visit our website or give us a call today on 01767 699258.