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The ‘Grave‘ Choice – Customer Satisfaction


Gravestone symbolise the passing of our loved ones. They serve as a place of comfort, thought and testament to the life of the deceased. As time passes however, gravestones can often look weathered and become worn. Luckily, Simple Gone has the answer.

As a trusted moss, algae and fungal remover, Simply Gone is fast become the first choice across both the domestic and commercial world when it comes to exterior maintenance. With as little as 2-3 sprays a year all that’s needed to create a fresh, clean and hygienic look, it’s no wonder Simply Gone is flying off the shelves.


A Long-Lasting Clean


Simply Gone works to firstly remove and kill bacteria, moss, algae and mould from the desired area, before gradually protecting the area from future infestation. Working in sync with the weather, all that’s required is to remove large groups of moss, mould and algae before spraying Simply Gone onto the area.


It’s as easy as that. Cleaning a gravestone does require a gentler and more intricate touch due to softer materials. Avoid using a hard or wire scrubbing brush as this will not only scratch the gravestone, but can also damage the stone and engraved design.


Another Happy Customer


But don’t take our word for it. Averil Brice from Folkstone, Kent expressed her delight at the results:


"I bought a large container of Simply Gone from you. These photos will show you the result. My husband and I applied the diluted product, as instructed, and left it for a few months to do its work. We returned with a bucket of cold water and a scrubbing brush to improve some staining and we were surprised that it all came off very easily."


For more information on how Simply Gone can be used to maintain and clean gravestones, as well as tips and advice, be sure to get in touch by calling 01767 699258. Alternatively, contact us online.