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Top Tips For Cleaning Your Customers Decking


In recent weeks, we have experienced the typically unpredictable British weather at its very best as it struggles to make up its mind. Whilst we can’t guarantee the sunshine, what we can offer is a solution to your customers decking maintenance, thanks to Simply Gone.

As a highly effective and proven algae, moss and fungi remover, Simply Gone is a product that has enhanced the services of landscaping contractors, facility managers and premises officers as well as on the domestic front all across the UK.


Helping to prolong and protect new and old external surfaces, we have seen great results from our customers, providing them with a high level of service and bringing our customers return work.


So if you’re looking at cleaning and restoring your customer’s garden, what things should you remember?



Remove large or loose growth of moss or algae with a stiff brush and scrape off any loose debris. This will help prepare the decking before the application of Simply Gone, as well as exposing the growth at its spores.



Simply gone is easy-to-use and offers a two-in-one service, allowing you to kill and remove moss and algae from the surface of your decking, before acting as a gradual cleaning agent. Used 2-3 times a year, Simply Gone will work to clean the treated area creating cleaner, brighter and more hygienic decking. We have a whole host of sprayers and bottles available ensuring easy use.



Not only is Simply Gone effective on standard wooden decking, it can also be used on modern composite decking, that has become a popular choice for many households. Simply Gone will help to maintain your customers decking, reducing the risk of slipping and mould growth.


So discover how Simply Gone can enhance your business as well as your customers decking by getting in touch with our team today on 01767 699258 or contact us online here.