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Effective & ‘Simple’ Boat & Marine Maintenance


At Simply Gone, we are proud of the high regard that our customer’s hold of our algae, moss and fungi remover. A tried and tested patio and driveway cleaner, Simply Gone has helped enhance the appearance and hygiene of a multitude of external surfaces, producing satisfying and renovating results.

The close relationship we build with our customers really is a fundamental part of our service and only emphasises the dedication and commitment we provide to all of our customers. Simply Gone is easy to use and apply to a number of surfaces, including for marine and boat maintenance.


A Complete & All-Round Service

We hold every testimonial we receive with high gratification. So when Dennis Watts, the author of the Haynes Motor Boat and Haynes Sailing Boat manuals got in touch after discovering the effectiveness of Simply Gone when maintaining his boats, we could not have been more thrilled.


A loyal customer, Mr Watts could not speak more highly of Simply Gone, sending across photographs showing his results:


“I have used Simply Gone on boats for several years and found it to be very effective.


Green algae has an annoying habit of developing on fibreglass gelcoat (and other) surfaces in the damp boating environment, particularly on the difficult to clean non-slip deck surfaces. It can easily be killed and removed by applying the product as in the instructions.


As well as its ease of use, I find a big advantage of the product is effective prevention. Once clean, surfaces treated with Simply Gone are very unlikely to turn green and slippery again during the boating season.


As indicated in the instructions, the product must not be allowed to enter the water as it is harmful to fish and aquatic life. It must, therefore, be applied when the boat is laid up for the winter out of the water or on its road trailer away from the water.”


With yet another satisfied customer, make sure you discover just how Simply Gone can help you by calling our team today on 01767699258. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form.