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Keep Play Areas Algae & Moss Free All Year Round


With the extreme wet weather we have had this winter, it’s important now more than ever to ensure that play areas, surfaces and equipment are safe to use for children. The damp, cold weather proves the perfect habitation for moss and algae to grow creating an unsightly and unsafe environment.

Simply Gone is the ideal solution to enhancing the appearance and function of your play area. When it comes to children’s safety, nothing can be taken for granted which is why with the help of Simply Gone’s unique formula, you can create a play area that looks great all year round.


Safe And Easy To Use


Used 2-4 times a year, Simply Gone will work to kill any moss or algae growth before gradually cleaning the targeted area. It is a proven preventative to keep surfaces clean and stop any algae or moss growing and has fast become an essential tool for landscapers, maintence specialist and facility managers.


Simply Gone can be used on all types of metal and plastic surfaces and play area equipment. It is also extremely effective when used on wooden play equipment and fences acting as an excellent wood perseverative. It is also a proven disinfectant – what more could you want?


Perfect For Use On Metal, Plastic & Wood


As its name suggests, simply dilute the formula, apply this to the desired area and then ‘let the weather do the hard work’. That’s all there is it to it; a simple, cost-effective and efficient solution to keeping play areas and equipment safe for children of all ages to use.


A product that ‘naturally’ keeps cleaning for months, for more information on how simply gone can help you and your play area, as well as advice and guidance then give us a call today on 01767 699 258.


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