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Block Paving Cleaner - Simply Gone

Block Paving Cleaner Before And After

Block Paving is a feature in almost all homes; used to build paths, driveways and areas in your garden. One of the main issues with block paving is the growth of lichen and algae after a period of time. If left untreated, the lichen and algae can look unsightly and cause your block paving to look aged. We at Simply Gone have created a solution useable as a block paving cleaner which will not only treat the algae but gradually clean the surface. NB It is advisable to move thick moss growth between the blocks first first before spraying, once this hard work has been done - using Simply Gone 2 to 3 times a year as a preventative will continue to help keep it clean & moss free.

Simply Gone’s unique solution ensures that minimal effort is required not only to apply the solution but also afterwards. Our solution is simply apply the block paving using a sprayer (you may like to consider purchasing one of our sprayers) which will ensure that coverage is not only optimum but also accurate across block paving. For those smaller harder to reach areas or block paving next to plants, you can use a paint brush to apply the solution to avoid damage to the flowers, or cover them when you spray.

Now comes the best bit! Once you have sprayed the solution on the block paving, that’s it! You don’t have to do anything else at all. Our unique solution means that once sprayed on, the weather does all the work for you. The longer you leave the solution to dry on the surface the better so try and apply the solution when rain is not forecast for around 24 hours as this is when it will work best. The elements do the hard bit, gradually over several months removing the algae & dirt; leaving you with block paving looking clean & algae free!. NB Remember a quick spray 2 to 3 times a year keeps it looking good without any build up of dirt plus continues to prevent any new algae or lichen plants from appearing.

How Best To Use Simply Gone

Here are some tips as when best to use our unique solution for optimum performance:

  • Spray the block paving cleaner at a time when rain is not forecast for 24 hours
  • Spray the block paving cleaner on the surface when it is dry.
  • Spray the block paving cleaner when the temperature is above 8c
  • Spray the block paving cleaner during the early morning or late afternoon if we are lucky enough to be experiencing a heat wave (this avoids rapid evaporation)

If you follow those tips, you will get the best performance from Simply Gone, and continue to use it several times throughout the year as a preventative to keep your driveway looking great - clean & algae free! Simply gone can also be used as a driveway cleaner and roof cleaner.

For use at home use at home, purchase our 1litre bottle for just £15.00 (inc VAT) + delivery, which can cover an area of up to a max of 100m2*, so a huge amount of space. This works out at just 15 pence per square metre of  algae free block paving.

*NB Coverage areas depend on surface conditions and application equipment used. Don't forget Simply Gone has a cleaning/brightening action to most surfaces for up to 4 months.

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